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Fields of Psychology

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Psychology (Ph.D. Code: PSY)

Fields of study: Clinical, cognitive, and social psychology; neuroscience and behavior; visual perception. The program offers doctoral study for students who intend to become psychological scientists or scientist-practitioners. Students who plan to terminate their studies with the master's degree are not encouraged to apply. Admission is not limited to students with undergraduate backgrounds in psychology. Theory, method, and research experience in a number of areas of psychological science are emphasized. Course requirements are organized into the three broad areas of cognitive science, neuroscience, and clinical science. Students have intensive research training with individual faculty in the areas of clinical psychology, cognition, functional imaging, perception, psychobiology, sensory neurophysiology, and social psychology. Students in clinical psychology are also provided with extensive training in clinical skills. Major practicum facilities in which students receive supervised clinical and/or applied research training are found in the Vanderbilt Medical Center and other institutions in Nashville. The department is in a building which offers generous laboratory space for individual and group experiments with human subjects, and facilities for animal experimentation. It has a computerized classroom and connections to the campus mainframe computers. Computerized equipment for neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and psychophysics is also available and is especially suited for work on sensory systems. Human subjects are available through a University research pool, Vanderbilt clinics, and the local school system. In addition, the department has an animal facility providing a wide variety of species, including fish, rodents, and primates.

Faculty: 22

Graduate enrollment: In residence 37;

average in entering class 5-8

Address: 111 21st Avenue South; 37240

Phone: (615) 322-2874



Psychology and Human Development (M.S., Ph.D. Code: GPSY)

Fields of study: Clinical, cognitive studies, community, developmental, and quantitative psychology. The Clinical program focuses primarily on issues facing children and families. Faculty members study the development of aggressive behavior and depression in children and adolescents; psychological factors accompanying developmental disability and chronic physical disease; the role of communities in mental health; cognitive intervention for learning and behavioral problems; and the delivery of mental health services to children, youth, and families. The goal of the clinical program is to educate psychologists as scientists and practitioners so that they may pursue a variety of career paths. The Cognitive Studies program focuses on laboratory- and field-based research into cognitive processes as they occur in formal and informal learning situations. Areas of research emphasis include cognition, instruction, and technology;



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