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Standardized Tests

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Standardized Tests

When one thinks about standardized testing, they often think about DCASS, or the SAT's. These tests are often used to see what students are learning, or to help one get into college. Many people think differently about these tests and if they are effective or not in schooling. Some may say these tests are wonderful, and others may say that they are one of the worst things ever invented. Standardized tests are ineffective because teachers have to teach the test and not teach a good curriculum, students are only measured their ability at a specific point in time, stress is caused both on the student and teacher, they don't help improve student achievement, all causing for those to think that standardized tests are effective to be wrong. They will now see why their wrong and a solution to standardized testing.

To start off one should know the history of standardized tests, before they try to argue anything and make solutions to the proposed problem. Many may think that they know where these tests first started, but now will find out all of the background information that they need to know. One should know what exactly a standardized test is. According to W. James Popham, former president of the American Educational Research Association, as "any test that's administered, scored, and interpreted in a standard, predetermined manner."( This helps to give a clear explanation of what a standardized test is, compared to what someone may think it is in their own mind. Many may wonder where these tests first originated and when they came to America. The first known standardized tests were used in china, but have been used since the mid 1800's in America.( These tests have been used for a while, and also have many different purposes for why they are used. When these tests were first used they helped to judge and compare the output of schools.( This one of many reasons for their use, and due to this the use of them began to skyrocket all over the place. These tests really started to be used in 2002 after the NLCB mandated the use of tests in all 50 states along with the many types used. ( This shows that standardized tests are used all over the country and used a lot in schools.



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